Clogged eavestroughs are problematic, but even more so during the winter because snow will weigh eavestroughs down and can be more cumbersome and slower to move through the guttural system. It can also make it more challenging to guide water away from the house, which can lead to water damage. 

Maintaining your eavestroughs during the winter is a must because you want to avoid dealing with an eavestrough break during the colder months. Not only will this be inconvenient and expensive, but the problem will also be more challenging to fix. 

There are many dangers associated with clogged eavestroughs in the winter, including:

1. The potential to freeze.

 The water in the eavestrough and downspout can freeze if the temperature is low enough, and the eavestrough itself can also become very brittle on cold days. This will increase the chances of cracks or breaking, which can cause severe leaks, and water will not be redirected away from your home’s foundation. Making sure your gutters are clean before and after a major storm will reduce the odds of this happening. 

2. Falling or hanging down. 

Snow and ice are heavy, and this weight on your eavestrough can be too much to take. This can lead to clogging and the build-up of materials, which can cause your eavestrough to break and dismantle from the house. This can damage your home and make your roof and foundation more vulnerable to water damage. If an eavestrough falls completely, it can damage things below it and hit people. This is something you must absolutely avoid by cleaning it out between storms to allow snow, ice and water to funnel down as smoothly as possible. 

Keeping your eavestrough in good condition is critical not only for the structural integrity of your house but for the safety of your house as well. If you live in an area that experiences harsh winters and consistent bad weather, you must get your eavestroughs cleaned more often during the winter to prevent damage and injury. Detecting potential problems that can occur during the winter will help you apply the right solutions, and you can prevent issues before they arise. 

Always inspect your eavestrough before and after major storms and if they show any signs of damage, have them fixed and get your gutters cleaned as soon as possible. 

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