Windows will get dirty, and this is something you cannot control, regardless of the quality of your windows. Dirt will inevitably accumulate over time, and this is especially true for windows on commercial buildings. Many of these windows are in hard-to-reach areas and are more likely to collect dirt and debris. With no easy access, cleaning can be challenging, but this is a step you must take because the appearance of a commercial property will say a lot about the business and its reputation. Dirty windows will turn customers away and also impact your staff’s productivity levels. 

Customers will not want to enter a building with dirty windows because if you don’t care about the visible components, it may indicate how you treat your visitors. To prevent a bad reputation, you must clean commercial windows. This will eliminate a dirty and unappealing appearance, and your windows will not look unsightly to your staff and visitors. 

Cleaning commercial windows does require skill and experience, and it is highly recommended that you hire a professional commercial window cleaning company in Toronto for this task. Not only will they complete this job safely, but they will also clean your windows as often as necessary. They will use the right equipment and tools to tackle this problem, and their training allows them to reach even the most out-of-reach windows. 

Just How Often Should You Have Your Commercial Windows Cleaned?

This answer may vary from building to building, and there are several factors you must consider. The real question is whether you should wait until the dirt accumulates before hiring a commercial window cleaning company or if you should create a regular cleaning schedule and stick with it. 

You should never wait until the issue gets out of hand because you never know when important clients will stop by your building. Additionally, you must provide your staff with a safe and enjoyable workplace, and dirty windows will lower productivity and morale. Your employees will not be able to perform well if they are surrounded by dirt and will feel unappreciated if their boss doesn’t value cleanliness. Employees deserve to work in a healthy and enjoyable environment, and dirty windows should not be part of any work setting. 

When determining how often you should clean your commercial buildings windows, consider the following:

  • Local Weather. 

Residents of Toronto know how unpredictable the climate can be, but one thing is certain: rain and snow are inevitable throughout the year. This will result in a lot of mineral deposits that will accumulate on your windows, and the glass will start to appear dirty, especially in the winter months. 

While you can’t control the weather, you can control how often you have your commercial windows cleaned, and a professional window cleaning company will create a schedule according to the local weather. Most companies recommend having commercial windows cleaned twice or thrice a year to keep them looking their best. In addition to an unsightly appearance, mineral buildup can also result in headaches for those in the building, and employees can get sick, so you need to take this matter seriously and schedule cleanings accordingly. 

  • Traffic. 

The location of your commercial building will also play a role in the frequency of cleanings. If your building is in a bustling part of the city or is in the heart of downtown, you will experience more foot traffic and will need to get your windows cleaned more frequently. Dirt can be accumulated by foot traffic, vehicles, and air pollutants. Grime buildup must be eliminated to keep your building looking neat and clean. 

The hustle and bustle will create dust and smog, and your windows will get dirty fast. Combined with bird droppings and fingertips, it’s a recipe for disaster, and your windows will need routine cleanings. Having a professional commercial window cleaning company come to your building a few times a year will help your windows remain clean all year long, despite the chaos of traffic in the busy downtown core. Dirty windows will send the wrong message to your staff and customers, but having a commercial window cleaning company arrive at your property regularly will prevent this. 

  • Nature. 

The beauty of nature cannot be denied, but if your commercial building is in the middle of this environment, you will have to deal with falling leaves, insects, pine needles and even rodent droppings. These elements will lead to dirty windows, and the results will be just as bad as smog and foot traffic. Even if you’re not part of the bustling downtown area, nature can affect the appearance of your windows and the look of your commercial building. 

You will need a commercial window cleaning company to keep your windows clean. Whether it’s spring, summer, winter or fall, professional window cleaners will help your building maintain a clean appearance. 

Why Routine Window Cleaning is Important

The appearance of your building directly reflects your reputation, which is why you cannot overlook your windows. Customers will question your practices if they notice an unkempt property and wonder how well you conduct your business if you neglect the appearance and maintenance of your property. Your windows are one of the first things people will notice as they approach your commercial building, and dirt will stand out right away, as will your business name – for all the wrong reasons. 

You cannot allow this to happen because you work hard to maintain a great reputation, and something like dirty windows should not leave a negative mark on your name. Windows can be cleaned easily when you contact reputable commercial window cleaners in Toronto, and there is really no excuse for dirty windows. 

You should not wait until your windows are extremely dirty to schedule professional cleanings but should instead schedule them every few months. It’s better to be proactive in these situations than to wait because this will ensure your windows are always well-maintained. The longer you wait, the dirtier your windows will become, which can lead to headaches, a bad reputation, and less business. 

Commercial properties must send the right message to anyone passing by the building. Your staff and clients will be much happier, and a clean environment will help establish trust. Cleanliness and presentation are important, and while it may not seem it, people tend to associate dirty windows with bad reputations. They will judge your building based on its appearance, and these feelings will extend to your brand or services. 

Clean windows will send the right message, and you will get a positive response from your clients and employees. 


If you are looking for a commercial window cleaning company in Toronto, you’ve come to the right place. Sparkle Window Cleaning will help keep your windows clean and shiny, and we can create a schedule suitable for your commercial property. We will make sure every area of your windows is clean and will check every window to ensure there are no problems. We care about the details and prioritize our customers, and you can contact us at any time to discuss our services or to receive a quote. 

We understand the importance of a clean building and know that windows are a very important component of any commercial space. We know the value of keeping windows clean and shiny and will gladly schedule regular window cleanings for your commercial building. We can come to your location to assess the number of windows you have and the location of your building and will create a plan according to this information. Our prices are fair, and we will pass on any savings directly to our customers. 

Our goal is simple; keep our customers happy and their buildings looking their best. Our skills and knowledge set us apart from other window cleaning companies in Toronto, and we have years of experience cleaning commercial windows specifically. We know our way around commercial properties and will always prioritize safety. 

We will make sure every one of your windows is clean, and you can give us a call today to create a window cleaning schedule for your commercial property!