A pressure washer and a power washer are not the same; one is much more powerful than the other. Many people do not realize the difference between these two options, and the following guide will help clear up any confusion:

Power Washing

A pressurized stream of hot water is used to remove dirt, grime and loose paint from surfaces and structures with this method of washing. Power washers can provide quick results because of a steady, uninterrupted water supply at high pressure, and this is the perfect option if you need extra force to lift stains. If you don’t know what you’re doing, however, power washing may not be the best choice because of the high pressure and force. This combination has the potential to cause damage to delicate surfaces and materials, and you must be very careful.

You can choose between two variations, including electric and gas-powered. Gas-powered models produce more water pressure than electric ones but also use more water. Finding a power washer is easy as they are sold at most department stores.

Pressure Washing

High-pressurized water from a specially designed pump and a powerful hose allows for pressure washing, and this type of cleaning method blasts things clean. Dirt and dust will be washed away in a matter of seconds, and the surface will look brand new. Cold water, hot water and steam can be used when pressure washing to remove hard stains like oil and grease, and this method tends to be useful on more delicate surfaces like brick and stone. 

When cleaning caked-on grime and dirt off a driveway, cold water is ideal, and the same is true for other stubborn areas, as pressurized water can produce enough power to break up dirt and wash it away. Cold water costs less than hot water, making it a cost-effective option. However, hot water is more effective at cleaning than cold water, and hot water pressure washers can easily remove encrusted dirt, dried substances and other stains. It can also remove oil and grease, which cold water cannot. 

Steam pressure washing is ideal for projects that require more heat to get the job done. This will provide you with a deeper clean as steam can be used at higher temperatures to loosen and wash away stubborn stains while increasing the effectiveness of cleaning chemicals. Steam can eradicate oily residue and can also sterilize and disinfect an area. Finally, steam also uses less water and produces less runoff which is excellent for cleaning indoors. 

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