Dirty windows will negatively affect the appearance of a home or building, but the reality is that many of us simply don’t have the time or energy to complete this task ourselves. Dirt, bird droppings and cobwebs will accumulate on windows which is why cleaning is a must, and the frequency of this task will depend on the property’s location and climate. Some people will need to clean their windows monthly, while others may do this quarterly. 

Cleaning your windows is always recommended because expert tools and techniques are used to provide you with excellent results. Professional cleaners can also access windows that are higher up as they are skilled and trained, and properly equipped. Attempting to clean windows on higher floors is not practical or safe, and the process can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. 

Commercial Window Cleaning

The first thing most people consider when cleaning their windows is cost. This is a natural concern, and the good news is that window cleaning is usually very reasonable. Costs will vary based on the number of windows that need to be cleaned and the condition they are in, although you can expect an hourly fee that can range anywhere from $50 to $100 per hour, sometimes even more. If specialty services are required or if you require the removal of construction debris from your windows, the service will cost more as it will be considered more than a general clean. 

Cleaning type is another factor affecting the price as window cleaning covers a broad range of services. Standard window cleaning services will cost less than a complex building requiring service hours due to hard access points. Professional window cleaning companies will inspect the size of the area, how good the access points are, what tools they will need and the level of cleaning that is necessary when providing you with a quote. High-rise buildings, for example, will cost more as the cleaners will need special equipment to access the windows on every floor and will have to work in pairs for safety reasons. 

Commercial Window Washing

The number of windows you have will also make a difference, as will their size. The job will be priced according to this information, and larger windows will cost more because they take longer to clean. The type of building and frequency of cleaning will also be detailed in the quote, and a residential home will cost less to clean when compared to a giant skyscraper because that type of property is much easier to clean. Finally, location and time will be factored into the quote because additional fees may apply if the property is located on a busy street. If the project is going to take several days, your quote will reflect this information.  

When you hire professional window cleaners, you can expect efficiency, and the job will be completed quickly and safely. They will save you time and effort, and you will have one less job to worry about. Here at Sparkle Window Cleaning, we provide several services, including commercial window cleaning and washing, and our cleaners have years of experience in this field. If you are looking for professional window cleaners in Toronto, contact us today at (416) 246-9374!